Winner Q5 (LATEST)


Cyber Awards of Excellence

Best Short Film
Possessed by Aliens – Demeter Lorant

Best First Time Short Film
Information Cocoons – Jiawen Zhang

Best Short Documentary Film
PROUD BLUE – Athina Krikeli

Best Short Animation
Feel – Johannes Pardi

Cyber Awards of Prestige

Best Short Film
iHands – A Life Less Lived – Mark Webster

Best Visual Effects (Short Film)
Sector 9S, The Director’s Cut Trailer – Timo Hensen

Best Short Drama Film

Best Short Experimental Short Film
CALCO – Mauro Carignano

Best Actor – Short Film
suit – 卫 智 曾

Cyber Awards of Special Prestige

Best Short Science Fiction Film
Witches of Everland – Daniel Ralph Zerbst

Best First Time Feature Film
Night, Mother – John Patrick Lowrie