WINNERS Q8 (Latest)

Cyber security attacks have been increasing statistically and unfortunately improving by hackers. There is a potentially vital digital risk for each business and each individual. The aim of our festival is to attract attention to this subject.

Cyber Film Festival Q8 Winners

Cyber Awards of Excellence

Best Short Film

Guilty Not Guilty – Karin Wegsjö


Best Short Science Fiction Film

Paradigm – George Redstone

Best Short Animation Film

The Honor – Qingyi Wang, Kun Ruan


Cyber Awards of Prestige

Best Short Technology Film

Daaphne – Valentina Ferrandes

Best Short Science Fiction Film

Night’s Blue Light – Nicolaas Ackermann


Cyber Awards of Special Prestige

Best Short Science Fiction Film

#tresdancing – Hingman Leung


Best Short Drama Film

Only This –  Diana Brooks

Best Short Animation Film

Experience the World – Duro Howard Jr.